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Amnesty#4: Remembrance
Eliot, Leaf
Title: Remembrance
Author: the_aleator
Rating: PG
Characters: Watson
Verse: ACD/Granada
Word count: 100
A/N: Amnesty #4: picture of Book, Mugs, Violin and Pipe.
Warnings:  Note - unbetaed and unedited & completely rushed.
Summary: Life after the Hiatus is lived twice-fold, through the past and in the present.


The thick, rich scent of tobacco smoke hits him as he steps thorough the door, and his hand on his hat wavers a moment, for life and memory have become juxtaposed in one crystal moment and the soft strains of sweet violin wafting through the wood, and both sorrow and joy flood him.

He will go up the stairs and settle into his armchair with a book and his glass of brandy, and glance at Holmes from the corner of his eye, and wonder if those three long years were in the past, for they live on in his future. 

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So lovely and sad. Poor Watson.

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