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JWP 2013 Masterlist
Eliot, Leaf
This is the list of the pieces I've written for JWP in Watson's Woes. All are ACD/Granada verse, unless otherwise noted. Click on the spoiler link for answers to the Questions #1&2, and amnesty prompts will be added and appropriately marked.

July 1st: ( Just So ) [Watson, Holmes]
July 2nd: ( Out of Kindess ) [Watson, Lestrade, mentions of Holmes]
July 3rd: ( Old Shames ) [Watson]
July 4th:( Taking Care ) [Watson, Holmes, Mycroft, mention of Lestrade]
July 5th: ( Time's Winged Chariot ) [Watson, mention of Holmes]
July 6th: ( When the Long, Long Future Years Run Slow ) [Watson, Lestrade, mention of Holmes and Mycroft] & the second ( Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye )
[Watson, Lestrade, Holmes and mentions of Mycroft]
July 7th: ( Stranger than Fiction ) [Watson, Holmes, the Pensieve children, Peter Cottontail, Black Beauty, Alice & Winnie-the-Pooh]
July 8th: ( The Game is Done ) [Watson, mentions of Holmes]
July 9th: ( GAS ) [Sherlock, John, Sherlock, Mycroft, Donovan, Anderson and Lestrade]
July 10th: ( The Sound of a Memory ) [Watson, mentions of Holmes]
July 11th:( The Ties that Bind ) [Watson, Lestrade, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Lestrade (OC)]
July 12th : ( The Suffering of Job ) [Watson, Mrs. Watson, John Watson, Jr.
July 13th: ( At Sixes and Sevens ) [Watson, Lestrade, mentions of Holmes]
July 14th: ( Drawing in Hazards ) [Watson, Lestrade, Mrs. Lestrade (OC), Dr. Yates (OC), Jack Lestrade, mentions of Holmes]
July 15th: ( Indefatigable ) [Watson]
July 16th: ( Points of Interest ) [Watson, Holmes, Lestrade]
July 17th: ( The Pricking of a Poisoned Pen ) [Watson, Holmes, Lestrade, Hopkins]
July 18th: ( A Simple Kind of Man ) [Watson, Moran, mentions of Holmes & Lestrade]
July 19th: ( Coeur de Lion ) [Watson, Lestrade, Holmes]
July 20th: ( But for the Grace of God ) [Watson]
July 21st: ( Till Doomsday Morning ) [Watson
July 22nd: ( To Cry Havoc ) [Watson, Lestrade, mentions of Holmes & Moriarty
July 23rd: ( Will Ye No' Come Back Again? ) [Watson, mentions of Holmes, Lestrade and Mrs. Watson]
July 24th: ( Sufficient ) [Watson, Lestrade, Holmes, mention of Hopkins]
July 25th: ( A Sickener ) [Watson, Lestrade, Holmes] and ( Damaged Goods ) [Watson, Lestrade, Holmes]
July 26th: ( Enough ) [Watson & mentions of Holmes]
July 27th: ( Sink with the Devil ) [Watson, Holmes, Lestrade]
July 28th: ( One Man's Salvation ) [Watson, Holmes, Lestrade]
July 29th: ( Tomorrow and Tomorrow ) [Watson, mentions of Lestrade & Holmes]
July 30th: ( In Exile ) [OC, mentions of Holmes & Watson]
July 31st: ( The Better Part ) [Watson, Holmes, Mycroft, Lestrade, Hopkins & Gregson]

[Question #1]
What did the JWP prompts refer to?

Classical Literature:

  •   JWP#29 (Drabble, drabble, toil and scribble is a reference to the three witches in Shakespeare's MacBeth in Act IV, Scene I, which is itself referred to in the Harry Potter movie with the song 'Something Wicked This Way Comes')

  • JWP#27 (Like gold to airy thinness beat is a reference to John Donne's poem 'Valediction)

  • JWP#26 (The Golden Mean is a reference to Aristotle's works on Ethics, as well as many classical scholars of note)

  • JWP#22 (The Bard is a reference to one of Shakespeare's well known titles, as well as an episode of the 'Twilight Zone')

  • JWP#18 (Words, words, words is a reference to Shakespeare's Hamlet, one of Hamlet's more snarky responses.)

  • JWP#15 (Almost halfway there, miles to go before we sleep is a reference to Robert Frost's 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' and is itself a reference to Dante's 'Inferno'.)

  • JWP#7 (The Tangled Web is a reference to Sir Walter Scott's Marmion, which contains the infamous line 'Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to decieve')

  • JWP#4 (Oh say can you see is a reference to the 'Star Spangled Banner' initially a poem by Francis Scott Key, but also the national anthem of the United States of America.)

TV Shows:

  • JWP#30 (Mirror, Mirror is a reference to the notorious TOS episode S2E4 where the plot hinges around a transporter mishap and a dreaded Mirror Universe)

  • JWP#28 (Botany Bay is a reference to Khan's ship the SS Botany Bay first seen in TOS S1E24, and returned in Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan, which is itself a reference to British Botany Bay penal colony in Australia.)

  • JWP#20 (Rabbit Season is a reference to the Looney Tunes episode 'Rabbit Fire' from 1951, seen here


  • JWP#9 (WWWWD is a reference to the popular culture bracelet WWJD, which is itself taken from Charles Seldon's book 'In His Steps')

Question #2: the first JWP prompt was "DATE:  July 1
PROMPT:  Watson injury (any severity), from a different POV than Holmes  (meaning Mrs. Hudson, Scotland Yard, Baker Street Irregular, The Villain (whoever he/she may be), etc."


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